We're open for kids and adults!

Update: June 2nd 2020

Yes, our parks are open again! We have adapted our climbing park to the most recent rules drawn up by RIVM and the sports sector. This means that all our climbing forests are open again for children and adults, and you can also have your birthday party in our forests again! Safety for our visitors and staff is always our top priority. This also means that a number of new rules apply. For all the new rules and details of our corona-proof climbing adventure, please read on.


  1. The RIVM guidelines always come first! Do you feel ill or unwell? Please stay at home.
  2. Climbing is possible in Amsterdam and Rotterdam from 110 cm and in Almere and Venlo from 120 cm.
  3. In Amsterdam and Rotterdam, children under 130 cm need an adult to climb with them. In Almere and Venlo, children under 150 cm are allowed to climb independently, the parent / caregiver must leave their phone number at the reception.
  4. A maximum of one adult must be present per group of minors, who helps the children to register and pay. If the adult is not cclimbing with the minors, we ask them to wait outside of the forest. Spectating is not possible at the moment.
  5. Children's parties may temporarily consist of a maximum of 10 children.
  6. We ask all visitors to wash their hands before and after climbing. At all locations, we have the necessary means to clean your hands.
  7. Everyone is obliged to bring their own flexible (work) gloves. Don't worry if you do not have these, we have various sizes in stock, but only a limited amount! You can buy a pair of gloves on location at our reception for € 2.00
  8. We ask each group to bring their own bag or backpack to store personal belongings such as jewelry and telephones. The bag needs to be able to close with a zipper or buttons. We take this as a deposit when you come climbing.
  9. Payment on location is only possible with PIN or credit card.
  10. All attendees should follow the instructions of our staff at all times. If you do not keep to the rules of RIVM or our staff, we reserve the right to refuse access to our climbing forest and you are not entitled to a refund.
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