Climbing park Amsterdam

Fun Forest klimbos Amsterdam volwassene klimmen
Fun Forest Amsterdam klimmen klimbos klimpark
Fun Forest klimmen groep Schoolreisje klimbos
  • Altitudes from 3 to 15 meter
  • 8 different trails
  • Including free fall and bungee jump
  • Special trail for the ages of 14+.

Climbing park Fun Forest Amsterdam

 In the Amsterdam Forest you climb through the trees like a real nature ninja. We have 8 different trails and you can choose how high you want to go. For the real dare devils there is even a trail with a monkey swing, bungee jump and free fall!

For young and old!

In our trees you experience an amazing adventure no matter what age you are. You climb through the forest crossing bridges and using ropes, ladders and zip lines. Climbing looks a lot like the game Apenkooi, but now you play on altitudes up to 15 meters high!

Child friendly

You can climb in this forest when you are taller than 130 centimeters

Climbing outside

The experience is even better in real trees

Accessible for everyone

Paved paths under the trails

Klimbos Fun Forest Amsterdam
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Live like a monkey!

Our forest is the best place to improve your climbing skills. Every time you experience a new adventure in the trees. You start on a low altitude; after this you can slowly increase how high you want to go!

  • After the climbing instruction you always start in the easier trails, here you learn how to trust yourself and find out what you can and cannot do. Every time you take a small step forwards, until you can take the ultimate challenge in trail number 9: our bungee jump and free fall!
  • The best way to climb is doing it together. Whether you are with your family, friend group, colleagues or your date – it’s always fun being in our forest! You learn how to work together and how to trust each other, this way you come out of the forest closer than how you went in.


  • Trail 2 -  This trail is for the beginner climber who is still a little uncomfortable with the whole ordeal.
  • Trail 3 – This is where you find the easiest climbing parts, this is also the perfect place to learn the ropes!
  • Trail 4 – In this trail you find the most fun climbing parts, like the classic Dutch clocks and the slackline.
  • Trail 5 – do you like climbing but don’t you want to go that high? Then this trail has your name on it!
  • Trail 6 – This trail is no different in its ability to surprise in a good way!
  • Trail 7 – If you do want to challenge your fear of heights you should try this trail. Also in this trail you will find zip lines.
  • Trail 8 – This trail is a real challenge; amongst other things you will find a snowboard in the midst of the forest.
  • Trail 9 – Do you not scare easily? In this trail you find the infamous bungee jump and free fall!



8 until 11 y/o

From 130 cm


12 until 17 y/o

From 150 cm


+18 years old

From 150 cm


Plan your visit

Opening hours


We are currently closed due to winter break.

We will open again in February 2021.

Hopefully we’ll see you soon!

Is there still availability to climb at the park?

You can book your slot online. You will see directly on which days and what time there is still availability to climb.

Do I have to make a reservation?

We advise you to do so. This way we can guarantee you availability at your choice of park.

Is there a dress code?

We will advise you to wear comfortable clothes and sturdy (closed off) shoes. Climbing with slippers, sandals or heels is not allowed.

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